Fletcher Pilates Achieves School Status

July 2005 /

For Immediate Release

The Ron Fletcher Program of Study Achieves Arizona State School Status

TUCSON, Ariz. – (July 11, 2005)— After completing the year-long application process, The Ron Fletcher Program of Study is now the only Pilates teacher-training program formally registered in the State of Arizona, and one of only four such programs in the nation.

The Ron Fletcher Program of Study, offered through Body Works Studio in Tucson, is a comprehensive, year-long program that combines two levels of multi-dimensional study. Aspiring Pilates Teachers learn how to teach the full spectrum of movements on all Pilates apparatus as well as Pilates matwork and trademarked Fletcher Towelwork and Floorwork. The Program was developed to satisfy the demand for quality instruction in this industry and maintain consistency and continuity in the Pilates profession.

Because Pilates involves specific spinal and neck articulation, students who receive instruction from unqualified, poorly trained Pilates Teachers are vulnerable to serious injury. Graduates of the Fletcher Program of Study have successfully completed a 1,000 hour, 2-year program – one of the most rigorous and thorough programs of its kind in existence – and are fully trained to teach this form of movement therapy.

“Having The Ron Fletcher Program of Study recognized as an Arizona school by the state board of post-secondary education is exciting for our industry,” said Kyria Sabin, Program Directors and owner of Body Works Studio. “This is a step in the right direction toward guaranteeing quality Pilates teacher training and therefore a better service to the public.”

The Program is attracting students from all over the country and around the world who want to learn the Fletcher lineage of Pilates. To accommodate the influx of students, The Program of Study plans includes beginning the national accreditation process so that financial aid can be offered to students.

Ron Fletcher, a 20-year student of Joseph and Clara Pilates, began his career as a dancer, but developed knee problems and sought treatment from Joseph Pilates. After the death of Joseph Pilates in 1967, Fletcher was chosen by Clara Pilates to carry on her husband’s legacy and was encouraged to introduce the work to the west coast. After several years of study and planning, long-time Fletcher teacher, Kyria Sabin formally created The Ron Fletcher Program of Study in 2003. Under Fletcher’s direct guidance this program evolved and became the definitive curriculum for aspiring Fletcher Pilates teachers. It is the only program of its kind to be endorsed by Mr. Fletcher.

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