PSAP Approval

January 2018 /

For Immediate Release

The Fletcher Pilates Program of Study Achieves PSAP Approval Status

TUCSON, Arizona, (Jan. 3, 2018) – After completing the vigorous Pilates School Approval Program

(PSAP) application, Fletcher Pilates®, Inc. is now the only PSAP approved school in the state of

Arizona, one of only four such programs in the nation. The Pilates School Approval Program was

developed by the nationally accredited Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) to recognize schools that have

successfully proved their compliance with Educational Standards set forth by the PMA.

“Receiving this distinction is a tremendous honor as it represents decades of dedication to providing

the highest level of Pilates Teacher education. Up to this point, Pilates schools have not had national

standards or regulation. We are proud to be the first recognized school in Arizona and one of the first

in the country to receive this approval,” said Kyria Sabin, Program Director and Owner of

Body Works studio.

In 2005, The Fletcher Pilates® School achieved it’s status as the first Pilates teacher training program

to be formally recognized as an Arizona school by the State Board of Post-Secondary Education and

has been licensed ever since. Fletcher Pilates maintains the highest possible standards, leading the

Pilates industry and guaranteeing quality Pilates Teacher education.

About The Fletcher Pilates Program of Study

The Fletcher Pilates Program of Study, offered through Body Works Pilates Studio in Tucson, is

designed to give aspiring Pilates Teachers a comprehensive understanding of the Pilates method and

to instill an understanding of how to teach Pilates safely and effectively. Upon successful completion

of the Program, students receive a Qualified Teacher Certificate and are eligible to seek employment

as Pilates teachers in studio, clinic, fitness and other settings. Our program graduates are employed,

or running their own studios, throughout the United States and around the world.

Ron Fletcher, a 20-year student and protégé of Joseph Pilates was chosen by Clara Pilates to carry on

her husband’s legacy. After years of study and planning, Kyria Sabin formally created The

Ron Fletcher Program of Study in 2003. The program evolved to become The Fletcher Pilates®

School and stands alone as the only program of its kind to be endorsed by Mr. Fletcher.