Every Body is Beautiful Goes Digital

August 2018 / Pilates Style

Way ahead of its time, Ron Fletcher’s book on his life’s work remains a classic 40 years later. In 1972, Ron Fletcher opened the first Pilates studio on the west coast, in Los Angeles. He had studied directly under Joe and Clara Pilates since 1948, and with Clara’s permission, Ron set out to spread the work of Body Contrology outside of New York City. His original studio, located on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, soon became an epicenter for Hollywood elite, leading to a renaissance of the Pilates method. Six years later, Ron published Every Body is Beautiful, one of the first books based on Body Contrology. Featuring several of Ron’s celebrity clients, including Ali MacGraw, Candice Bergen, Sandy Duncan, Susan Dey, Ben Vereen, among others, it quickly became a mainstay in the Pilates community. Although the plates for...

Shifting Into High Gear

April 2017 / Pilates Style

WHEN THE TEENAGERS IN EL GRUPO, A NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION IN TUCSON THAT INTRODUCES YOUNG PEOPLE TO CYCLING, ENROLLED IN CLASSES AT FLETCHER PILATES, they got a lot more than increased strength and flexibility to help them power through grueling training rides and competitions. El Grupo was founded more than 10 years ago by Daniela Diamente and her husband Ignacio. Participants, who come from every socioeconomic group, typically sign up as eighth graders, she explains. “We have kids who are learning to ride, kids who are nationally ranked—and everything in between. They practice five days a week, riding over 50 hours a month.” In addition to teaching cycling skills, “we founded El Grupo to help young people and a positive physical, social and emotional outlet,” says Diamente, who works with upwards of 1,200 young people between the ages of...

Refine your Spine

May 2017 / Pilates Style Magazine

If you’re not integrating the Spine Corrector into your workouts, your missing out on nurturing one of the most foundational aspects of Pilates: your spinal articulation. Kyria Sabin Waugaman, the program director of Fletcher Pilates, shares some of the most valuable work for helping the spine become stronger, more flexible and more articulate, as taught by her mentor Ron Fletcher. THE SPINE CORRECTOR IS SUCH A SIMPLE YET INCREDIBLY POWERFUL TOOL . It can be used in private sessions to teach pelvic placement and precise spinal extension, as well as in the group class setting to provide a more supportive and safer environment for the head and neck. Joseph Pilates developed several arcs and barrels throughout the evolution of his method, but none are more effective than the Clara Barrel—named posthumously after his wife, Clara Pilates—at teaching balanced pelvic placement and spinal articulation. According to Joe, the ultimate goal of his method is to...