Get to Know the Guillotine - Tower

June 2014 / Pilates Style

While many Pilates studios around the world have yet to incorporate the Guillotine Tower into their day-to-day regimen, what few realize is that it was one of the fundamental pieces of equipment in the original New York Pilates Studio. During Ron Fletcher’s years of study with Joe and Clara, they revealed to him the true value of this seemingly straightforward apparatus. Ron’s mastery of the Guillotine, coupled with his genius for movement, led to the development of this routine. According to Ron, “the Guillotine is the genitive apparatus for hip and spine articulation.” While many have adapted traditional Guillotine exercises to the Cadillac, the mechanics of the push-through bar don’t provide the same pelvic stabilization and lumbar articulation. Furthermore, the Guillotine allows clients with limited hamstring and lower-back flexibility to experience the...

Revista Oficial Pilates 2013

January 2012 / Revista Oficial Pilates

Kyria Sabin conheceu por acaso o estúdio de Ron Fletcher lendário instrutor cuja importância para o desenvolvimento e difusão do método e inegável. Hoje ela dirige a companhia criada por ele, e bateu um pap rapino com nossa equipe sobre a relevância desse personagem na evolução do pilates.

Practice What you Teach

June 2013 / Pilates Style Magazine

  Even if you engage in a regular, fulfilling self practice, your alignment might be less-than- Pilates-perfect while instructing others. Here, master instructor Kyria Sabin fills us in on savvy techniques for keeping your body feeling great while providing smart hands-on cues to your clients.  -Kyria Sabin Does your back ache after a day of teaching Pilates? Do you compromise your health and posture in an attempt to help your clients regain theirs? Do you practice the Pilates movement principles of balance, centering, awareness, precision and breathing as you teach them? In other words, do you practice what you teach? Chances are, like most of us, you fall off the Pilates wagon from time to time—especially as you incorporate hands-on teaching techniques into your clients’ sessions. Even if your personal practice is balanced and centered, it’s easy to develop unhealthy habits and movement patterns in the...