Intervista Esclusiva a Kyria Sabin

November 2013 / Stay Pilates

Intervista esclusiva a Kyria Sabin Kyria Sabin è Program Director della scuola Fletcher Pilates. Laureata alla Duke University e terapista del massaggio, ha iniziato a studiare con Ron Fletcher nel 1991 fondando, nel 1993, lo studio Body Works Pilates a Tucson, in Arizona. Riconosciuta da Ron Fletcher come Master Teacher, Kyria ha sviluppato il metodo Pilates all’Arizona University. Kyria è oggi l’erede di Ron Fletcher che, scomparso il 6 dicembre scorso, verrà ricordato il 5 maggio, in occasione del Pilates Day, in un tributo organizzato da lei stessa presso l’Elle Dance Theatre dell’Arizona University Puoi descrivere il tuo incontro con la tecnica Pilates? Ero alla ricerca di una disciplina che avesse i giusti movimenti, che mi facesse principalmente sentire bene, fisicamente equilibrata e mentalmente concentrata. Avevo già provato il Pilates quando vivevo a New York, ma non fu un’esperienza entusiasmante....

Let's Get Vertical

March 2012 / Pilates Style

With the help of the seemingly simple yet underused Ped-i-pul, Kyria Sabin, Fletcher Pilates Program Director, brings her mentor’s repertoire to light, demystifying the art of precise spinal placement, awareness and balanced articulation required for an effective Pilates practice. by Kyria Sabin • exercises modeled by Fletcher Pilates- Qualified Teacher David McMahan “The art of Contrology proves that the only real guide to your true age lies not in years or how you think you feel…but by the degree of natural and normal flexibility enjoyed by your spine throughout life.” —Joseph H. Pilates in his book, Return to Life Joseph Pilates described the optimal spine as “strong, flexible and articulate” with spring-like balanced flexion and extension at each segment. With this fundamental philosophy in mind, my mentor, Ron Fletcher, decided to further develop the Ped-i-pul repertoire to focus more specifically on spinal...

Remembering Ron

March 2012 / Pilates style

Although we lost first-generation teacher, the great Ron Fletcher, this past December, his memory will forever live on in the hearts of the Pilates community. Here, some of his students reflect on their time spent with the master visionary.   My Note to Ron Ron was the real deal. He carved an authentic and true path with his life. As the zen saying goes, “A road is made by someone walking on it.” You were the master. You were the road. You were the way forward. Thank you for bringing me with you. Love, Kyria   PASSING THE TORCH Having been selected to participate in the first Balanced Body University’s Passing the Torch exclusive Pilates mentorship program, I am honored to have studied with first-generation Pilates master, Ron Fletcher. I was saddened to hear of his recent death. Though, I was so grateful that I had just had a...