Letter from Ron

February 2007 / Ron Fletcher

  THERE’VE BEEN SOME CHANGES within The Ron Fletcher Company® . Better for Kyria and Pat — better for me — and, in the long haul, better for our Teachers and Students. I see these changes as being especially beneficial for our Facilitators and Disseminators, and to promise more opportunities for the newcomers to The Ron Fletcher Program of Study® . Happily, I am again 100% Creative and Artistic Director of the show and I am pleased to report that Kyria Sabin is now the sole owner of the RFC and Director of the Program of Study. Pat Guyton will be developing her own program and seeing to the growth of her handsome new studio in Boulder. I have total confidence in Kyria as a Fletcher Teacher and Disseminator, as well as in her business sense and leadership skills. I’m certain you too...