Fletcher Pilates Online

October 2020 /

  Fletcher Pilates Online is our new online learning platform designed for Pilates Teachers, Physical Therapists and movement professionals to learn aspects of Fletcher Pilates while earning continuing education credits online.   Fletcher Faculty member and contributor, David McMahan, B.F.A, NCPT, NASM®-CPT is at the helm of this flagship project. He said of this undertaking, “Several other Pilates schools offer online content, but from what I’ve seen, none are offering the depth of content with a focus on teaching context that this program does. We've broken down the different sections of the workshops and methodically explained the teaching components, so it’s digestible and actionable for participants.” He adds, “What’s really exciting is that we are making the signature Fletcher approach and techniques available to students who may not be able to travel to...

FP on Demand

October 2020 /

FP on Demand is a living, breathing offering available to clients, teachers, and the Fletcher-curious alike looking to take online Fletcher Pilates classes. There are currently over 170 recorded classes available with more added each week. Express 20-30-minute and full 50-minute classes featuring Pilates Matwork, Fletcher Towelwork, Floorwork and Barrework, as well as fitCORE, Magic Circle, Roller, Spine Corrector and Fusion practices are available on-demand.    Visit vimeo.com/ondemand/fletcherondemand to subscribe and enjoy the benefit of expertly presented Fletcher Pilates classes 24/7!  

As we enter each new season, the change in nature encourages a fresh outlook and focus. Lately, it seems the only constant in our world is change. With this installment, I’m excited to share with you how we’ve embraced the changes at hand to undertake a monumental Pilates Pivot to create progressive new offerings.  When pandemic quarantine mandates and business closures were ordered, my initial reaction was a near total breakdown. I felt paralyzed. Then, I woke up to the recitation of my Madeira high school motto:   Function in Disaster, Finish in Style   I asked myself, “What are our options? How can we make the most of this time?” And I was inspired to bring to fruition several projects that we at Fletcher Pilates have had on the back burner for years. With the support of...