​Fascial Health and Fletcher Pilates - The Breath

January 2018 / Anne Lloyd Willett, M.S., PMA® -CPT

I remember working with Ron Fletcher in his later years… watching him move a student in a piece on the spine corrector. I noted in my journal, “It is as if he sees the inside of her body and knows exactly how her foot is connected to the opposite hand.” Ron did not speak directly about fascia and myofascial connections; though in my studies of the work of Tom Myers, Robert Schleip, Jean Claude Guimberteau, Carla Stecco and others, I realize Ron was ahead of his time. He just… got it! Ron knew the body was connected from head to toe, and that every movement had to be about the whole body. His work, based on his studies with Joe and Clara Pilates and Martha Graham, aligns beautifully with all we know about fascial health and fascial fitness....

Kyria Sabin on Pilates on Tour

February 2015 / Video

Balanced Body® got a chance to sit down with Kyria Sabin to discuss Pilates On Tour®.


October 2014 / Arden Montgomery

Awareness is a primary Pilates movement principle. How would you define Awareness in your studio? As teachers, we tend to our clients’ bodies, aware of how they feel on any given day. One of the first things we often ask our clients is, “How do you feel today?” As they take their first step into the studio our keen eye notices gait and demeanor. This prepares us for teaching the session ahead, before we even start. By continuously checking in throughout each class and session, we become more aware of his or her strengths, limitations, and imbalances. However, many of us teachers struggle with our personal Awareness. Awareness of our movement patterns and posture as we teach and demonstrate, or as we leave the studio after a long day of teaching other bodies can be a challenge! Our attention...