Divinely Inspired

March 2019 / Kyria Sabin Waugaman

Every body is divinely inspired, superbly designed, awesome in the complex way it’s put together and simple in the simple, economical way it works. Every body can be vital, strong and flexible, moving through life with grace and assurance, totally healthy – not just some of the time, but most of the time. Every body can be improved, inside and outside, because the body potential is hardly ever realized. – Ron Fletcher I’ve often heard the misconception that Ron Fletcher only wanted to work with dancers or others who moved with beauty and ease when he first encountered them. This couldn’t have been further from the truth. Ron whole heartedly believed that every single body has the potential to move with grace and beauty. Not just those with perceived “perfect” physiques and full ranges of...

​Fascial Health and Fletcher Pilates - The Breath

January 2018 / Anne Lloyd Willett, M.S., PMA® -CPT

I remember working with Ron Fletcher in his later years… watching him move a student in a piece on the spine corrector. I noted in my journal, “It is as if he sees the inside of her body and knows exactly how her foot is connected to the opposite hand.” Ron did not speak directly about fascia and myofascial connections; though in my studies of the work of Tom Myers, Robert Schleip, Jean Claude Guimberteau, Carla Stecco and others, I realize Ron was ahead of his time. He just… got it! Ron knew the body was connected from head to toe, and that every movement had to be about the whole body. His work, based on his studies with Joe and Clara Pilates and Martha Graham, aligns beautifully with all we know about fascial health and fascial fitness....

Kyria Sabin on Pilates on Tour

February 2015 / Video

Balanced Body® got a chance to sit down with Kyria Sabin to discuss Pilates On Tour®.