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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The longer I teach this work, the more important I realize it is to give each client a sense of independence and ownership of their body. Within the context of a private session, it's about doing and saying less to allow each client the space to deepen their movement awareness so they may take this with them, beyond the studio setting. It's about constantly editing my choices of exercises, cues and hands-on techniques so that the client is left with a sense of self-accomplishment and having learned at least one new way of experiencing movement in their everyday lives. .

Within my group classes, I challenge myself to find a theme to focus on within the first 5-10 minutes of class, based on the group in front of me. I try to make each class a new exploration of familiar movements - adding new pieces or variations on themes to keep the students focused and "at the ready." More and more, I find myself channeling Ron Fletcher, my teacher, to keep it simple, keep it about movement and to allow the breath to guide the rhythm of the class.

By Kyria Sabin.


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