Dedicated To The Core

November 2018 / Tucson Lifestyle

KYRIA SABIN WAUGAMAN’S VISIT TO TUCSON A FEW DECADES AGO WAS TO BE TEMPORARY — three or four months at most. She already had made plans to attend law school on the east coast and initiate a practice focused on the arts. But her passion project became a calling, then an international phenomenon, the world renown fitness- and life-enhancing philosophy — Fletcher Pilates. This year marks the 25th anniversary of her Body Works Pilates Studio, dedicated to enhancing lives through Pilates. She grew up in the central mountains of Mexico, where her mother started the first bilingual school outside of Mexico City. She later attended Madeira, a school just outside of Washington, D.C., where she worked for the late Sen. Lloyd Bentsen. As a Duke University graduate, Kyria worked in galleries, museums and...

Becoming a Licensed Pilates School: 10 Years Later

September 2018 /

Like many ventures based on belief and passion, when we initiated the Fletcher Pilates Program of Study, we dove in head-first. Our vision was crystal clear, but we had yet to identify the steps and processes involved in creating a true vocational school. Our unified vision was to create a school based on the Fletcher lineage of the Pilates method - rooted firmly in a "classical" Pilates foundation, as developed and taught to us by Ron Fletcher. We also realized that time was of the essence. Without Ron's direct involvement, input and approval, it would be impossible to capture and delineate this program. Our Pilates lineage would most likely be diluted, and eventually lost, if we didn't follow through. While our purpose was clear, each step in the process led to 10 additional steps. Identifying and cataloging our comprehensive program was the fun,...


September 2018 / Study done by Adriano Bittar

Following on the exciting and intriguing postsfrom Christine Bergeron (“How effective is Pilates as an additional training program for dancers?”), and Jennifer Deckert (“Breath: A Back-To-School Basic”), the focus here is also on PILATES and BREATH,specifically touching upon HOW THEY INFLUENCE BALLET. The basis for any assumption made is a quasi-experimental study, that investigated the effects of Fletcher Pilates® in the respiratory systems of young female ballet dancers from a public dance school. This study was presented as a poster at the IADMS 27th Annual Conference in Houston, USA (BITTAR et al., 2017), and published in Brazil (MELO et al., 2018). BREATH in SCIENCE and DANCE It is well reported by exercise physiologists and physiotherapists (CALAIS-GERMAIN, 2006; HALL, 2016) that BREATH plays an outstanding role in providing the body with the NECESSARY ENERGY FOR...