We also offer an array of specialty courses through our talented and experienced Faculty. Among these offerings include:

The Breath Inspires
Review the anatomy of physiology of breathing, followed by an experiential workshop demonstrating how all movement is inspired and enhanced by breath to positively impact a Pilates practice as well as everyday life.

Wise Hands
Learn specific hands-on, tactile cuing techniques for Pilates Teachers. Lecture and experiential workshop.

Pilates for Pregnancy
Information and tools for Pilates Teachers interested in preparing women for motherhood and helping them fully recover postpartum.

Assessment 101
In this workshop, you will learn how to better “see” and assess standing, seated and supine posture, as well as review optimal spinal and pelvic placement. Participants will take away a postural assessment model that can be applied to a variety of practices.

Fletcher Pilates for Fascial Health
Learn about fascia, how it relates to health and total body movement and how Fletcher Pilates movement techniques create the perfect complement to facial health.

Fletcher Pilates for Balance
Fletcher Pilates provides a framework for addressing the complex interaction of our senses, cognitive processing and motor skills required to restore balance and reduce the risk of a serious fall. This workshop explores the guiding principles of balance training in relation to a Fletcher Pilates practice.


Pilates Teacher, Physical Therapist, Fitness professional


1 Day


Wise Hands Workshop ~ Half Moon Bay, CA

May 16, 2020

Fletcher Pilates® for Pregnancy Workshop - Half Moon Bay, CA

May 17, 2020

Wise Hands Workshop ~ Seoul, Korea

July 19, 2020