2019 Fletcher Conference

Every Body is Beautiful

NiterĂ³i, Brazil: June 7-9, 2019

Research Forum - Adriano Bittar, Rafaela Noleto and Anne Willet

Why is RESEARCH Important to the Pilates Teacher?

The research on Pilates is finally catching up to Joseph Pilates original ideas and methods - 60 years later! Learning about the evidence of teaching effective Pilates is critical to creating positive outcomes in our clients. High quality instruction, based on current evidence, allows Pilates to evolve along with the advances in modern science and keeps Pilates from becoming an exercise fad. High quality research will keep Pilates at the forefront as a relevant exercise choice for our aging population and for all ages, pathologies and abilities. Expect from the Research Forum that a panel of specialists discuss the research about Fletcher Pilates developed so far, in topics such as breast cancer, fascia, breath, dance, occupational health, etc.