2019 Fletcher Conference

Every Body is Beautiful

Niterói, Brazil: June 7-9, 2019


Kyria Sabin Waugaman, PMA®-CPT
Body Works Pilates Studio Director + Fletcher Pilates Program Director

Strong, Flexible, Articulate Spine: Ped-i-pul Fletcher
Variations on the Universal Reformer

Recognized as a Master Pilates Teacher, Kyria Sabin founded Body Works Pilates in Tucson, Arizona in 1993. She is also founder and director of Fletcher Pilates®, an international Pilates school. A graduate of Duke University, a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher and a Licensed Massage Therapist, Kyria developed the Pilates Program at The University of Arizona School of Dance where she serves as Adjunct Faculty. She is an international presenter and has served on the boards for The Pilates Method Alliance, The University of Arizona School of Dance and the Foundation for Expanding Horizons. She currently Chairs the national PMA Certification Commission.

Adriano Bittar, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Pilates Faculty

The Anatomy and Physiology of Breath
Within the Core

Adriano Bittar is a researcher, physiotherapist, dancer and Fletcher Pilates® teacher. He holds a PhD with a specialization in Craniosacral Therapy and Dance. Adriano first learned of Pilates at the Laban Center in London in 1996, and became one of the first physiotherapists to complete the Polestar/Physio Pilates Pilates Program in South America in 2000. In 2011, he completed the Fletcher Pilates Program of Study and became a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher in 2013. He created the Postgrad Pilates course at PUCGO/CEAFI that he continues to coordinate to this day. In 2012 Adriano was invited to represent Fletcher Pilates in Brazil as a faculty member. He has lectured at several international Pilates conferences, a visiting professor at the Fletcher Pilates headquarters in Tucson, Arizona, and teaches at the State University of Goiás. He is also a physiotherapist for the Basileu Franca Dance Company, directs Studio Adriano Bittar and coordinates the Brazil-UK Dance Medicine and Science Network.

Nanette Crystal, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Pilates Faculty

Fletcher Pilates Matwork on the Spine Corrector

Nannette’s love of dance and movement began at an early age, motivating her to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance at the University of Arizona in 1999. Nannette began studying Fletcher Pilates in 2001 and received her Professional level teaching certificate in 2004. She taught at Body Works Pilates in Tucson, Arizona from 2002-2009 and nationally and internationally, through the Ron Fletcher Program of Study as a Faculty member since then. Nannette is also a Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant and currently owns and directs Esprit Pilates in her home state of Louisiana, where she resides with her husband Gary, dogs Harvey and Vera, and cat Sophia. She looks forward to future teaching endeavors and is honored to be a part of the Fletcher community.

Deborah Mendoza, PMA® -CPT
Fletcher Pilates Director of Education

Fletcher Barre to Locomotion
Fletcher Guillotine Tower

As Director of Education for Fletcher Pilates, Deborah manages curriculum development for the Fletcher Pilates Program of Study. Her strong movement background includes a BA in Dance from Santa Clara University, as well as extensive study with Pilates Master, Ron Fletcher. Deborah oversees the Comprehensive Program in Tucson at Body Works Pilates, where she has taught continuously since 1996. Deborah also serves on the Board of Directors for the Pilates Method Alliance.

Diane Severino

Old School Class with Diane

Diane is a Julliard alumnus who studied with Martha Graham and taught modern dance extensively in New York and Los Angeles. As Ron Fletcher’s first apprentice, and former co-proprietor of his LA studio, Diane pioneered Dance Medicine techniques and lectured on the use of Pilates to rehabilitate dance injuries. Diane has also worked with numerous Hollywood celebrities and prides herself on shaping beautiful bodies.

David McMahan, PMA® -CP
Fletcher Pilates Faculty

Fletcher Pilates for Men

A graduate of the Fletcher Pilates Program of Study, David has received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of California, Irvine. His professional career has included performing with dance companies in New York, San Francisco, and Orange County. Through the influence of Ron Fletcher and the mentorship of Kyria Sabin, David discovered his passion for empowering bodies through movement. As a Fletcher Pilates Faculty member, David has taught Pilates educational programs and continuing education courses throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. He has been featured with Kyria Sabin in Pilates Style Magazine and has presented at conferences for Fletcher Pilates and the Pilates Method Alliance. David has guest taught for several colleges and universities and is currently on faculty at Orange Coast College.


Karla Relvas

Fletcher Towelwork

Karla is a contemporary dancer (since 1988) and a Pilates teacher, trained in the Alexander Technique. Post-graduate in Biomechanics and in Body Therapy and Subjectivity. She took teacher trainings with Physio Pilates - POLESTAR (2000), PMMP of Lolita San Miguel (2013), becoming LOLITA'S LEGACY Educator, and FLETCHER PILATES (2015). She is PMA certified (2013), being a Qualified Adjunct Faculty at Fletcher Pilates®, representative of Fletcher Pilates®in the state of Rio de Janeiro. She owns and directs her studio, Karla Relvas Studio (2002) and Spazo Training Center in Niterói/RJ.

Raquel Ribeiro

Fletcher Spine Corrector, Fletcher Fusion

Raquel acts as Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor and teacher of continuing education courses. Graduated in Physical Education, postgraduate in Physical Activities for People with Special Needs, Exercise Physiology and Bodybuilding and Physical Activities and their Nutritional Base. She completed her first Pilates training at Physio Pilates/Polestar, becoming a Qualified Teacher (2011) and Adjunct Fletcher Pilates Faculty in Brazil. She is currently a teacher and a partner at Studio Adriano Bittar and CEAFI University.

Lucas Jubé

Intermediate Fletcher Matwork

He holds a degree in Physiotherapy (2009) and a postgraduate degree in Pilates (PUCGO/CEAFI, 2012). Trained in Functional Training, Segmental Spine Stabilization, Maitland, Chinese Cupping Therapy, Functional Bandage and Kinesiotaping (2012). He became a Fletcher Pilates Qualified Teacher in 2014. He practices martial arts and since 2014 he is a triathlon athlete, three times Ironman 70.3 Finisher. He is currently a partner at Studio Adriano Bittar and CEAFI University.

Georgia Oliveira

Mat, Music & Flow

Graduated in Dance (1998), she acted as professional dancer and has been in the Pilates market for more than twenty years. She is certified and technical director of Physio Pilates/Polestar, teaching courses and workshops throughout Brazil. She is a Licensed Fletcher Pilates Teacher and PMA certified. She loves music and associates her work with it, understanding that the positive experience of movement can turn things around.

Rafaela Noleto

Getting to Know the Fundamentals of Fletcher Pilates

Physiotherapist (2010), dancer, choreographer, Ballet teacher, director of independent dance groups and researcher. Specialist in Pilates (PUCGO/CEAFI, 2012) and Sports Physiotherapy (2017); Master's in Applied Sciences for Health Products (2017-). Qualified Fletcher Pilates® Teacher (2015). She is currently a physiotherapist at Materno Infantil Hospital (2012-), partner of Studio Adriano Bittar (2010-) and CEAFI University.

Rodrigo Nanô

Intermediate Classical Mat

Trained as a Pilates teacher by the Spanish School of Classical Pilates - Pilates Wellness & Energy (Madrid/ES, 2007); and Metropolitan Pilates/Authentic Pilates (Seattle/USA, 2016/2017). Idealized the Classical Pilates Conference Brazil (2015, 2017), bringing some of the best Pilates professionals to teach in this country. Elected professional of the year 2017 (PRIZE CONTROLOGY AWARDS, 2018). Faithful Pilates practitioner, thinks practice is the only way a teacher can own the work in his/her body. Has 15 years of Pilates experience, teaching classes, courses and workshops, and organizing conferences and consultancies.

Isabela Moody

Centipede and Vitality

Bachelor of Fine Arts and currently attending a BSc in Physiotherapy. Designer, inventor, movement researcher. She began practicing Pilates in 1990 and in 1999 she was certified to teach by Physio Pilates/Polestar. She is a Licensed Fletcher Pilates® Teacher. Author of the Coluna Viva repertoire, selected as a workshop at the PMA Conf in 2008. She is dedicated to the research and production of furniture and ergonomic proactive objects, one of them being Centopéia/Centipede, a sensorial sculpture that promotes movement and self-massage at the same time.

Alice Becker

Organizing the shoulders with Pilates and More

Founding President of Physio Pilates and Physio Pilates/Polestar Master Educator. In Brazil, she was a pioneer in the implementation and promotion of the Pilates Method. Ballerina member of the Castro Alves Theater Ballet since 1984. She first had contact with Pilates in 1988 at the California Institute of Arts. She became certified in Pilates in 1990 at Long Beach Dance Conditioning and in 1998 at Polestar Pilates. She is a Licensed Fletcher Pilates Teacher, certified in Gyrotonic and CoreAlign. From Salvador, Alice introduced Pilates to several Brazilian states and even other countries.

Anne Willet

The F Word(s): Fascia and Fletcher Pilates

Anne has over 35 years of experience in wellness and movement and is known as a transformational teacher, healer and facilitator. She incorporates her comprehensive studies and practice in business, communications, yoga, Pilates, nutrition, dance, theatre, psychology and coaching, breath therapy, medical practices, research, wholistic medicine, stretch therapy, human microbiota and body fascia. She studied with master teacher Ron Fletcher; and, is an active member of the international Fascia Research Society. In addition to holding Private Sessions, she is an author, a Pilates faculty, as well as a guest lecturer presenting to international audiences.

Paula Nogueira

Fletcher Barrework and Magic Circle

Physiotherapist (1999), physical educator (1989) and dancer, specialist in Exercise Physiology (1995) and Temporomandibular Joint (2009). She received a Certificate in Pilates Training (Joseph Pilates Method of Physical and Mental Conditioning, 1999), and took teacher trainings at Physio Pilates/Polestar (2000); and with Lolita San Miguel (PMMP, 2013). She is certified by the PMA (2017). She is a Fletcher Pilates Professional Qualified Teacher (2015-). She trained in the G.D.S. Method (2009-2018) and Sciences and Techniques Du Corps (2015). She currently acts as an Adjunct Teacher at Fletcher Pilates®, representative of this school in the state of São Paulo (2017), and owner of Studio Paula Nogueira (2018).

Elaine DeMarkondes

Gait and Bipeds: The amazing resources of the Pilates Method

Physician, physiotherapist, Pilates master trainer, former classical dancer, currently a tango dancer. Specialist in Performing Arts and Master in Communication and Semiotics. One of the pioneers in the introduction of Pilates in Brazil, represents, exclusively, the PhysicalMind® Institute of NY. Director of DeMarkondes Pilates® for 17 years, certifies professionals in several Brazilian states. For 21 years she has created a partnership with Núcleo do Corpo, where she is the administrative and clinical director. She teaches workshops and courses in national and international events and postgraduate courses in the areas of Pilates, Dance Science and Physiotherapy.