2019 Fletcher Conference

Every Body is Beautiful

Niterói, Brazil: June 7-9, 2019


Strong, Flexible, Articulate Spine: Ped-i-pul
Kyria Sabin Waugaman, PMA®-CPT

According to Ron Fletcher, Joseph Pilates described the optimal spinal placement and movement as strong, flexible and articulate. This concept does not refer to flattening the 3 natural spinal curves, but rather actively placing the pelvis and lengthening the spine - in standing, seated, supine and prone positions and movements. It refers to both stabilizing and moving the spine from the body’s center and using the breath to facilitate spinal articulation. In this workshop, we will explore ways to use the Ped-i-Pul as an assessment tool, as well as a feedback mechanism to actively elongate and articulate the spine with an emphasis on breath initiation.

Variations on Universal Reformer
Kyria Sabin Waugaman, PMA®-CPT

Fletcher Pilates is known for its emphasis on precise movement articulation and breath initiation, as well as for the creative use of rhythm and transitions. In this workshop we will explore these themes through unique Fletcher variations of 10 “classic” pilates exercises. Learn ways to use breath, movement progressions and creative transitions to add richness to your practice and to encourage a deeper understanding and movement awareness among your students.

Anatomy and Physiology of Pilates Breath
Adriano Bittar, PMA®-CPT

This workshop provides an in-depth exploration of the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system, especially as it applies to the Pilates method. Adriano will also review the latest scientific research on the benefits of several breathing techniques, with an emphasis on the Fletcher Percussive Breath™ and its applications for full-body health, functional movement and vibrant living. You will leave with a greater understanding of how breath is the prime mover and arguably the #1 Pilates principle.

Within the Core
Adriano Bittar, PMA®-CPT

Have you ever thought about how your heart moves when you take a Pilates class? What about how performing The Hundred affects your digestive system? This workshop is designed to give you a general perspective of how a Pilates session affects your internal organs. By reviewing the human anatomy and physiology of our visceral organ systems, along with self-exploratory exercises based on the Fletcher Pilates repertoire, Within the Core will guide you through this curious and peculiar inner world. This experience will surely leave you full of “other spaces and places” to move from, for a healthier and more knowledgeable life, while at the same time giving you insights to teach a more embodied Plates class.

Fletcher Barre to Locomotion
Deborah Mendoza, PMA®-CPT

Back by popular demand, this workshop will deepen your understanding of the Fletcher Barrework™, and how to teach it with creative variations for a full movement experience. Learn how to utilize simple yet effective barre exercises to strengthen standing posture and transition students away from the barre. Explore the use of traveling movements to challenge awareness of balance in gait in a dynamic way and encourage the progression to locomotive movement patterns. Learn how to take Fletcher Barrework to the next level!

Old School Class with Diane
Diane Severino

Join the original Fletcher Diva for a total movement experience. Diane will lead you through her “old-school” floorwork class, designed to sculpt the body and stimulate the spirit. Diane’s workshop is based on 40 years of teaching Fletcher Pilates with a proven track record for creating beautiful bodies!

Fletcher Guillotine Tower
Deborah Mendoza, PMA®-CPT

From Leg and Footwork and Tower to Rolling in and Out, this workshop provides an in-depth review of the Fletcher Pilates Guillotine Program, as developed by Joseph Pilates and refined by Ron Fletcher. Gain a deeper understanding of how to use this unique and highly beneficial Pilates apparatus for both your personal and teaching practices. The Guillotine is ideal for improving leg and hip articulation, spinal alignment and overall body organization and balance.

Fletcher Pilates Matwork on Spine Corrector
Nanette Crystal, PMA®-CPT

The Spine Corrector provides an accessible alternative for a targeted and supported Pilates Mat practice. Experience many of the “classic” mat exercises and syllabus in this workshop, while supporting your neck and shoulders to allow for a more fluid spinal articulation and centered movement initiation. From the 100’s and the rollover to leg circles and swan, the Spine Corrector is the place to take your matwork program to the next level.

Fletcher Pilates for Men
David McMahan, PMA®-CPT

Body Contrology (Pilates) was originally developed by a man for men. First generation teachers Ron Fletcher and Kathy Grant cautioned us that the original method has become over-feminized and encouraged us to return to the method’s roots to ensure we maintain a balanced approach for ALL practitioners. This workshop incorporates studio equipment and focuses on movements that are traditionally considered more masculine, with a focus on developing strength, flexibility, mental focus and endurance.


Fletcher Towelwork

Based on a technique developed by Ron Fletcher, this class begins with simple alignment and stailization exercises followed by fluid and dynamic full-body movement patterns. The Fletcher Towelwork is a safe and effective program for beginners and experienced practitioners and can be done standing, sitting or supine.

Fletcher Spine Corrector

This class is based on movement developed by Pilates Master Ron Fletcher based on his studies with Clara Pilates. Prepare to be challenged by moving through the precise segmental mobility and strength of your entire body. As Joseph Pilates used to say, you are only as young as the flexibility of your spine!!

Fletcher Fusion

This exclusive Fletcher Pilates class incorporates the Fletcher Towelwork, Fletcher Barrework and Fletcher Floorwork repertoires, challenging the student to organize his body dynamically in varied positions. Experience the organic and creative repertoires on the bar, floor and with the Fletcher Towel and feel the power and effectiveness of the work created by master teacher Ron Fletcher.

Intermediate Fletcher Matwork

This class will address the intermediate Fletcher Pilates matwork. Be prepared to be challenged by the repertoire originally developed by Joseph Pilates, and at the same time flow through the organic and creative transitions introduced by master teacher Ron Fletcher.

Mat, Music & Flow

Intermediate class exploring the original repertoire from Polestar Pilates and its transitions. Focus on fluency and rhythm, essential components for the development and deepening of the correct principles of movement and motor learning. The exercises will be built progressively, and concepts of biomechanics and movement transitions will be applied to them. Music will play a fundamental component for the stimulus and intention of the gesture, generating an effective result.

Getting to Know the Fletcher Pilates Fundamentals

This class explores the 12 Fletcher Pilates Fundamentals, in order to give the student a basic understanding of the Fletcher Percussive Breath, Fletcher Standing and Centering Cues and all spine mechanics. The Fletcher Fundamentals provide a foundation for all other movement.

Intermediate Classical Mat

Flowing motion through transitions in the exercises will be the strong point of this class!

Centipede and Vitality

Explore the 7 Fletcher Pilates Standing and Centering Cues in the Centipede. Evolve to movement patterns of myofascial release, fascial fitness, and self-massage with the help of this original and unique sensory sculpture.

Organizing the Shoulders with Pilates and More

A class focused on the efficiency of movement of the shoulder girdle and surrounding areas, for a better congruency of the joints, and release the movements of the arms, connecting them to the trunk and the entire body. We will cover a repertoire of Pilates exercises of varied levels on the mat, with and without props and small equipments from related methods.

The F Word (s): Fascia and Fletcher Pilates: Ron got it!

Through Anne's extensive studies in fascia and movement, she knows that Ron's work is the perfect complement to all we know about fascia. In this one hour class, Anne will briefly summarize the beauty of fascia and take you on a journey exploring your own body through Ron's Floorwork.

Fletcher Barrework and Magic Circle

A dynamic class made all standing, involving the organization of the lower and upper hemispheres. Navigate through the unique Fletcher repertoire on the bar, which works the precise articulation of the feet, knees, hip and spine, through creative transitions, and the strengthening of the upper limbs through oppositional energy in the magic circle, increasing your breathing volume and your body movement capacity.

Gait and Bipeds: the amazing resources of the Pilates Method

This practical class applies Contrology concepts in the handling of the motor strategies in the different phases of the human gait. It stimulates the connection of coordinated patterns of the lower and upper limbs, creating new possibilities for the moving body.