Class Protocol

THE PURPOSE OF OUR CLASS PROTOCOL is to create the best possible learning environment for our students to receive the greatest benefit from their Fletcher Pilates® studies.

  1. TO ASSIST THE TEACHER TO SEE YOUR BODY ALIGNMENT, please wear black, form-fitting clothing such as a leotard, leggings, one-piece unitard or close fitting t-shirt and shorts. Please no jazz or yoga pants, bare midriffs, thongs, stripes, patterns or large, obvious logos. We recommend a form fitting sweater or another layer for changes in room temperature.
  2. TO ASSIST THE TEACHER TO SEE YOUR CERVICAL ALIGNMENT, please wear your hair away from your face and up off the neck. Buns and ponytails should be groomed so that you can place your head flat while laying supine.
  3. TO ENHANCE FOOT ARTICULATION AND PLACEMENT AND TO AVOID SLIPPING, please do not wear shoes or socks in the movement space.
  4. IN CONSIDERATION OF OTHERS please avoid wearing strong perfumes and essential oils during class. The use of deodorant is encouraged.
  5. FOR SAFETY, please minimize jewelry in class.
  6. FOR SAFETY, KEEP POSSESSIONS OFF THE FLOOR AND EQUIPMENT SPACE. This includes water bottles, cell phones, additional clothing, etc. During the Program of Study® events, notebooks are permitted during lecture and review sessions.
  7. IN RESPECT OF OTHERS, PLEASE TURN OFF CELL PHONES AND PAGERS DURING CLASS. You may check messages during the breaks. In rare situations, we allow those with family constraints to keep their phone in the room and ask that they place their phone on “vibrate” and leave the room to take the call.
  10. IN RESPECT OF OTHERS, PLEASE BE ON TIME. It is a good plan to be ready at least 10 minutes before class begins. If you arrive late, please wait outside and join class at the first break. If you need to leave class for personal reasons, please leave with discretion for the sake of your fellow students and teacher.
  11. TO AVOID DISTRACTING THE CLASS, please avoid fidgeting and do not talk in class while the teacher is presenting. If you have a question, please ask at the appropriate moment such as between movement sequences or at the next break.
  12. PLEASE DO NOT ASSIST. There are assistants who are professionally trained and have been specifically asked to do so.

Thank you for your cooperation in following this protocol. We hope you enjoy your Fletcher Pilates® experience!