Fletcher Faculty Spotlight Adriano Bittar, NCPT

March 2019 /

Meet Adriano Bittar, the face of Fletcher Pilates in Brazil and organizer/featured presenter at the fifth Fletcher Pilates Biennial Conference, Every Body is Beautiful! to be held in Niterói, Brazil June 7-9, 2019.

A former professional volleyball player, Adriano Bittar is a Pilates Teacher, university professor, researcher, Physiotherapist and a contemporary dancer. He first discovered Pilates at the Laban Centre, in London, in 1996 and became enchanted with the method. Adriano practiced Pilates throughout his career as a dancer in the following years. In 1999, Adriano became one of the first physiotherapists in South America to earn a Pilates certification through Polestar Pilates. He created the first post-graduate course in Pilates of the central-western region of Brazil at CEAFI and continues to serve as the program’s coordinator and faculty. Adriano became a Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher in 2011 after completing in the Foundational/Professional program in Columbia. He received his Pilates Teacher Certification from Pilates Method Alliance in 2013 and he became the official representative and disseminator of Fletcher Pilates® in Brazil as a Fletcher Pilates Faculty.

“There is need for this lineage of Pilates in Brazil. Fletcher Pilates is true to its roots and it has evolved holistically,” Bittar explains. “It is intelligent movement and our teachers are highly sought after. There are now three training centers and over 30 Qualified Teachers here.”

Having served as a speaker and translator for several international conferences, Adriano is thrilled to organize the 2019 Every Body is Beautiful! conference. The upcoming event presents a robust offering of “old school” practice, new research findings, and in-depth exploration of Fletcher Pilates movement classes, including Floorwork, Barrework, Matwork, Guillotine Tower, Spine Corrector, Pedipul and Reformer modalities. Additional topics focus on the anatomy and physiology of breath, teaching Pilates for men and the Inner Core.

One of the most anticipated aspects of the conference is the research forum presented by Bittar, Rafaela Noleto, and Anne Willet. Presentation of scientific evidence supporting Joseph Pilates’ theories and the exclusive Fletcher techniques will be delivered on topics ranging from breast cancer treatment, fascial health, breathwork, dance medicine and occupational health. Presenters will review evidence of positive outcomes in clients receiving Pilates instruction, reinforcing the importance of an evidence-based practice.

View a detailed schedule of events and register for the Every Body is Beautiful! conference in gorgeous Niterói, Brazil June 7-9, 2019 at https://www.fletcherpilates.com/fp-conference.