Fletcher Pilates Student Spotlight: Julia Nichole Lopez

March 2019 /

Julia Nichole Lopez attended her first Pilates Mat class in search of a way to actively ease back pain while attending college. She was smitten with the practice, signed up for private reformer lessons, and so began her Pilates journey.

Explains Ms. Lopez, “Years spent in extreme spinal extension in dance, gymnastics and figure skating amplified a lorodotic curve in my lumbar spine. [Through Pilates} I learned how to use my body correctly! Joseph Pilates’ words have become part of the fabric of my life: ‘Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.’”

Eventually, Julia left a successful entertainment/media industry career to follow her “passion and true professional calling” and began teaching Pilates.

She studied several Pilates lineages – East Coast Classical, therapeutic, Stott and Contemporary. She credits Kathy Demac and Tawny Solorzano as her two of her most influential original mentors. Demac studied under Lolita San Miguel (who studied with Joe Pilates) and Solorzano studied under Diane Diefenderfer (who learned from Ron Fletcher and Romana Kryzanowska.)

As she continued to delve deeper into the work, Julia was drawn toward the Fletcher Pilates® approach and wanted to learn more.

When asked what drew her to Fletcher Pilates, Julia explained “Two of the Fletcher Pilates Movement Principles that are unique to the work really speak to me – Rhythm and Spirit! The Rhythm of the Fletcher work feels more organic in my body, less rigid yet more intense on a deeper level. There is a creativity that has been ‘evolved from the source,’ which brings nuance, refinement and increased skill dexterity. The work is authentic, profound and studied seriously, but not approached in a harsh manner. The spirit of the Fletcher work truly has a joy to it - you literally breathe life into the movement!”

“The specificity of Ron's ‘Fletcher Fundamentals’ literally from head-to-toe is sometimes overlooked in other methods. The Percussive Breath is also unique to the Fletcher work. As someone who's had sinus and allergy problems my entire life, I definitely believe that the Percussive Breathing brings an awareness to the breath and helps alleviate all types of respiratory issues.”

In 2016 Julia completed a Fletcher Pilates Intensive (Towelwork, Barrework, Floorwork) with Fletcher Faculty Teacher David McMahan in Costa Mesa, California. The following year she attended the Fletcher Pilates “Inspired to Move” conference and in 2018 a “Day with Diane (Severino.)”

Immersion in the Fletcher work and learning of serendipitous family connections within the lineage prompted Julia to conclude that the Fletcher path of Pilates is the one she was intended to follow and disseminate.

Julia is currently enrolled in the Fletcher Pilates Foundational Program. She continues to teach Pilates, practice Yoga and Gyrotonics, and even squeezes in some dance classes in her new home city, New York, New York.