Fletcher Floorwork® 

Developed over the course of 5 decades, Fletcher Floorwork® is an artistic and challenging alternative to the original Pilates Matwork. Based on Ron Fletcher's studies with Martha Graham, Yeichi Nimura, Agnes De Mille and Joseph and Clara Pilates, Fletcher Floorwork® introduces thoughtful, creative movement patterns that depart from the classic matwork structure.

Fletcher Floorwork® was designed to meet the needs of individual students while keeping the material constantly challenging and original. A good movement program demands the stimulus of change to keep the mind and body "at the ready." The application of Fletcher Floorwork® can be adapted for patient rehabilitation as well as for the intermediate and advanced student.

What are the primary benefits of the Fletcher Floorwork®?

•    Enhances spinal articulation;
•    Strengthens intrinsic musculature;
•    Increases flexibility with control;
•    Enhanced both movement and spatial awareness;
•    Employs a wide variety of movement patterns for cognitive stimulus.