Program Evaluation


The Evaluation Session is a virtual 1-2 day event with 5 distinct parts

  1. Written – Online testing system
    • Foundational – true/false, multiple choice, and matching
    • Professional – short answer and essay
  2. Individual Performance - Live Virtual
  3. Group Practical Teaching - Live Virtual
  4. Private Practical Teaching – Video Submission
  5. Mat III Performance – Video Submission
  • Evaluation should be scheduled within 3-6 months following completion of classroom hours.
  • Evaluations Sessions are held in February, June and October each year.
  • Each Evaluation Session is limited to 12 students per session.
  • A waitlist will be maintained for each session.
  • For Foundational Program students, a minimum number of 100 practicum hours each of observation, participation and casework must be completed to participate in the Evaluation Session.
  • For Professional Program students, a minimum of 100 practicum hours and 75 casework hours must be completed to participate in an Evaluation Session.
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