Program Director

Kyria Sabin, PMA®-CPT

Kyria Sabin directs Fletcher Pilates® and its affiliated professional Pilates educational program, the Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study.

A graduate of Duke University and a licensed massage therapist, she initiated her studies with Ron Fletcher in 1991 and founded Body Works Pilates studios in Tucson, Arizona in 1993. Recognized by Ron Fletcher as a Master Teacher and Disseminator, Kyria developed the Pilates Program at the University of Arizona where she serves as Adjunct Faculty. She is an international presenter and has served on the national boards for the Pilates Method Alliance, The University of Arizona School of Dance and the Foundation for Expanding Horizons.

Director of Education

Deborah Mendoza, PMA®-CPT

As Director of Education for Fletcher Pilates®, Deborah manages curriculum development for this international program. Her strong movement background includes a BA in Dance from Santa Clara University as well as extensive study with Pilates Master, Ron Fletcher. She directs the Arizona Fletcher Pilates® educational center in Tucson, AZ at Body Works Pilates where she has taught continuously since 1996.

Fletcher Faculty & Adjunct Faculty

Our Fletcher Faculty and Adjunct Faculty are a uniquely talented and highly experienced, group of individuals. They maintain the highest possible standards of our work around the world and are responsible for guiding Fletcher Pilates® students through each step of our educational process.

Fletcher Faculty
Fletcher Faculty teach the entirety of the Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study including the Comprehensive Program, and  the Preparatory Course, as well as our  Continuing Education and Licensing Courses. 

Fletcher Adjunct Faculty Fletcher Adjunct Faculty prepare students to enter our Comprehensive Program by teaching the Preparatory Course and a variety of continuing education courses. 

Get to know our Fletcher Faculty and Adjunct Faculty in your part of the world:






Arizona Educational Center

Body Works Pilates
Tucson, Arizona
Contacts: Deborah Mendoza and Martha Ramirez
Ph: 520.323.7070


Martha Ramirez, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Faculty

Martha received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Arizona. It was during her studies at the University of Arizona where Kyria Sabin and Deborah Mendoza first introduced her to Fletcher Pilates®. Martha discovered her passion for the study of movement through Fletcher Pilates® and decided to pursue a professional Pilates career. She completed the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program, formerly The Ron Fletcher Program of Study, in 2005 and is recognized as a Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher. Martha serves as Faculty for the Arizona Educational Center.

David McMahan, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Faculty

David is a graduate of the dance programs at Orange Coast College and the University of Arizona, and has studied at the Martha Graham School and the Merce Cunningham Studio in New York. He has performed and taught throughout Arizona, California and nationally, including classes at California State University Long Beach and the University of Arizona. David has taught as an international guest teacher in Canada, Italy, Japan and South Korea. A graduate of the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program, David has studied extensively under Kyria Sabin and Deborah Mendoza. He now serves as Fletcher Faculty and Special Projects Manager for the Fletcher Pilates Company. David was featured in the Pilates Style Magazine article 'Let's Get Vertical' with Kyria Sabin, and lead the Pilates youth performance at the 2013 PMA Conference. He has been honored to present at both the 2011 and 2013 Fletcher Pilates International Conferences in Tucson, Arizona.

Claire Hancock, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Adjunct Faculty

Claire received her BFA and MFA in dance from the University of Arizona and holds a Masters Degree from the Laban Centre in London. She has danced professionally with ODC/San Francisco and River North Dance Company in Chicago, and has been a guest teacher and choreographer for organizations such as the Limon Institute, the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, Arizona Opera, UA Opera and UA Dance. She is the co-founding artistic director of Art.if.Act Dance Project, a Tucson based project dedicated to the live collaboration of dance, music, and film. In August 2010, she completed the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program to become a Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher. Claire teaches the Preparatory Course and assists in teaching the Comprehensive Program.

Kelli Workman, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Adjunct Faculty

Kelli Workman, a native Tucsonan, has extensive musical theatre experience and a passion for teaching. Kelli began teaching when she was 15-years-old and is now the co-director of the same youth performance group, Kids Unlimited. Her love of teaching and movement led her to Body Works Pilates in 2002, under the mentorship of Kyria Sabin and Deborah Mendoza. She has been teaching the Fletcher work for 8 years and is helping to develop a mentorship program for the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program. Kelli is honored to be a part of Fletcher Pilates® in Tucson and to assist in teaching all of the courses in the Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study.

Northern California Educational Center

Studio 4 Pilates, LLC
Half Moon Bay, California
Contact: Catherine Anderson
Ph: 650-726-7200


Catherine Anderson, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Faculty

Catherine holds a B.F.A. in dance from the University of Arizona and began studying the Fletcher lineage of the Pilates method with Kyria Sabin at Body Works Studio in Tucson in 1996. Catherine moved to the San Francisco / Bay area where she has continued to teach and study Fletcher Pilates® extensively. Although exposed to many styles of movement education and teachers, she has chosen to focus exclusively on this work. In 2004, Catherine opened Studio 4, located in Half Moon Bay.

Southern California Educational Center

Pilates Body Shopla
Los Angeles, California

Contact: Kerri Campbell
Phone: (323) 522-6742


Kerri Campbell
Fletcher Faculty

Kerri began her Pilates practice ten years ago after a debilitating car accident left her with multiple complex injuries. Her first encounter was while attending The University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts. Shortly after, Kerri moved to Los Angeles and was introduced to the work of Master Teacher Ron Fletcher. After seeing profound body transformations through Fletcher Pilates® she decided to attend the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program in Tucson, Arizona. It is her privilege and honor to be teaching this work.

Illinois Educational Center

Helios Center for Movement
Chicago, Illinois
Contact: Jenna Zaffino
Ph: (773) 248-0920


Jenna Zaffino, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Faculty

Through her education and professional career as a modern dancer, Jenna discovered a passion for the study of movement. Seeking a greater understanding of the importance of internal strength and control, Jenna embarked on a Pilates journey and found a love for teaching her passion to people from every movement background. Jenna became a certified Pilates instructor in 2002 and discovered Fletcher Pilates® soon after, providing her a means to present Pilates from a deeper movement perspective. Jenna opened Helios Center for Movement, the first Fletcher Pilates® Studio in Chicago. It is Jenna’s mission to provide excellence in teaching the Pilates Method and Fletcher Pilates®.

Louisiana Educational Center
Saint Amant, Louisiana
Contact: Nannette Crystal,
Ph: (520) 990-4199

Nannette Crystal, PMA®CPT
Fletcher Faculty

Nannette’s love of dance and movement began at an early age in her native state Louisiana, motivating her to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance at the University of Arizona in 1999. Nannette began studying the Ron Fletcher work in 2001, completed the Program of Study in 2004 and was recognized as a Qualified Teacher by Ron Fletcher. She taught at Body Works Studio in Tucson, Arizona from 2002-2009 and nationally and internationally with The Ron Fletcher Program of Study as Faculty member from 2004-present. Presently, Nannette resides in south Louisiana along with her husband Gary, dogs, and cat, teaches at Action Therapy and Wellness and works as a Physical Therapist Assistant. She enjoys running, cooking, and traveling. As a Fletcher Qualified teacher, she’s looking forward to future teaching endeavors and engaging clients in a life of health and wellness.

Indiana Educational Center

Body Temple Pilates 
Indianapolis, Indiana

Contact: Jennifer R. Mapalad
Phone: (317) 844-5554


Jennifer R. Mapalad, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Faculty

Jennifer graduated from Indiana University with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing; her expertise includes critical care, Level 1 trauma, recovery, and rehabilitation. Continuing to build her knowledge of movement and the body is her passion. Jennifer began her Pilates education in 2004 and became certified with the Physical Mind Institute and Body Arts and Science International (BASI) soon afterwards. While attending a Pilates Method Alliance conference in 2006, Jennifer had her first experience with the Fletcher work. From that moment, Jennifer knew she wanted to know more about the Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study. Jennifer completed the 2012 Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program in Tucson, Arizona. Jennifer started the Body Temple Pilates studio in Indianapolis, Indiana in May of 2007. She has devoted her strength, compassion, and ambition into making the studio into a place for clients to experience personal and physical growth.

Pennsylvania Educational Center


Margie Foley, PMA®-CPT
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phone: (215) 568-0550

Margie has been teaching movement since high school where she began a dance program at a local recreational center. From there, she pursued a career in dance and attended the North Carolina School of the Arts and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in modern dance. After dancing, acting and traveling for a few years, Margie pursued professional Pilates training through the Physicalmind Institute. About a year later, she attended a seminar with Ron Fletcher and has been practicing Fletcher Pilates® ever since. She loves the precise, inspirational and transforming qualities of the work which makes it unique - and is thankful to be able to assist others on their journey. Margie is also a certified Yamuna Body Rolling practitioner and a Reiki Master.

Lisa Priebe, PMA®-CPT
Leeport, Pennsylvania

Phone: 610-509-5141

Lisa earned her bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Temple University and has worked in fitness and wellness for over 20 years. She began her interest and study in Pilates in 2000. After training for the Boston Marathon in 2002, which left her plagued with injury, Lisa began to seek a greater knowledge of the work not only for her own body but for others as well. Lisa entered the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program and became a Qualified Teacher. She is also a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher.

Lisa is the sole proprietor of Health Options – a health and wellness company serving the health and fitness needs of companies.  Health Options and its associates provide group fitness, yoga, Pilates, personal fitness training and wellness services to approximately 2000 employees. In addition to Health Options, Lisa owns two Pilates studios – Lisa P Pilates – with two locations in Wyomissing and Kimberton, PA.

Texas Educational Center

Lone Star Pilates
San Antonio, Texas
Contact: Laura West
Ph: (210) 499-5555


Laura West, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Faculty


Laura is a San Antonio based Fletcher Pilates Faculty member. As a lifelong athlete, Laura’s interest in Pilates, movement, and full-body control was nurtured by her mentor, friend, and First Generation Teacher Ron Fletcher. In 2004, Laura completed the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program under the guidance of Fletcher Pilates® Program Director, Kyria Sabin. Upon graduation, Laura became a Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher.

For more than 10 years Laura has practiced and taught the Fletcher Pilates® Method. She has worked faithfully to maintain both the integrity and the spirit of movement Ron intended. Additionally, Laura has added the Pink Ribbon Program of instruction to the Lone Star studio menu. The Pink Ribbon Program was specifically created for breast cancer rehabilitation through Pilates, functional exercise and shoulder rehabilitation. Through experience and proper training, Laura has built her practice and studio with the commitment to help clients transform their bodies through intelligent exercise. Lone Star Pilates is the Texas educational center for the Fletcher Pilates® Teacher Training Program and one of five Fletcher Pilates® campuses in the United States.

Washington Educational Center

Pilates Into Life
Seattle, Washington
Contact: Teresa Chikoore


Teresa Chikoore Fletcher Faculty

Teresa has been passionate about movement since she began to dance at 5 years of age. She was first introduced to Pilates while studying Ballet, rediscovered her love of Pilates while conditioning for a show, and went on to complete a Pilates teacher-training program in 2008. She yearned for more and was introduced to Fletcher Pilates® through her own continuing education. The Fletcher work was everything she had been looking for. After seeing her personal transformation with Fletcher Pilates® she completed the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program. Teresa is now owner of Pilates Into Life, the only Fletcher Pilates® studio in Seattle. She is honored to be a Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher and Fletcher Facilitator, bringing the amazing work that has changed her life to her hometown


Brazil Educational Center

Goiânia, Brazil
Contact: Adriano Bittar
Ph:  62 3541 3537


Adriano Bittar, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Faculty

Adriano has a passion for movement that led him to pursue an early career as a professional volleyball player. He ended up receiving a BSc in Physiotherapy, a post-graduate diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy from Karuna Institute, in London, and then started being trained in contemporary dance and ballet. He got to know Pilates in London, at the Laban Centre, and got to be the first PT in Brazil certified to teach (Polestar Pilates, 2000). Since then, he has finished his Masters degree in the performing arts at Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil, and also his doctorate in art at Universidade de Brasília. He learned about Fletcher Pilates® through videos, met Kyria Sabin in 2010, and determined that Ron Fletcher's work could take him to a deeper level of understanding the method. Adriano develops lots of research related to Fletcher Pilates and dance, and coordinates the Brazil-United Kingdom Dance Medicine & Science Network. He is currently teaching at the Universidade Estadual de Goiás, and at Basileu França Art School, and running Studio Adriano Bittar in Goiânia, Brazil.

Raquel Ribeiro
Fletcher Adjunct Faculty

Raquel Ribeiro was an avid swimmer and instructor for 10 years. She has a degree in Physical Education from UEG (Goiânia / Goiás / Brazil) 1996. In 2003, while living in São Paulo she was introduced to the Pilates method through Professor Adriano Bittar. She worked as a pilates teacher and continues on as a personal trainer in Goiânia. In 2011 she entered the Fletcher Pilates Program of Study. She was invited to be a partner and work along side Adriano Bittar as a teacher at Studio Adriano Bittar. She was also a professor with the postgraduate course of Pilates by Ceafi / PUCGO, under the Coordination of Professor Adriano Bittar. 

Canada Educational Center - Ottawa
Pilates Space
Ottawa, Canada

Contact: Jacqueline Ethier
Ph: (613) PILATES (745-2837)


Jacqueline Ethier, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Faculty

Jacqueline Ethier is a Certified Pilates Teacher and professional dancer who founded Pilates Space in Ottawa in 2002. She is a graduate of the Contemporary Dance Programme at The School of Dance in Ottawa and works as a professional dancer in Canada and abroad. Upon traveling to Tucson, Arizona countless times, she completed the Ron Fletcher Program of Study in 2008, now the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program and is now a Faculty member. Jacqueline’s study of the Program has had a profound effect on her teaching and on her growing success in business.

Charlie Ayoub
Fletcher Adjunct Faculty

A long-time practitioner of the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Charlie was first introduced to Pilates in 2000 and began teaching Matwork in 2005. In a quest to expand his Pilates repertoire he completed the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program in 2009. Charlie has a degree in Business Administration with a major in Information Systems. Combining his interests in business, technology and fitness, Charlie co-owns Pilates Space with his wife Jacqueline and together they keep the Fletcher lineage alive and thriving in Ottawa, Canada.

Canada Educational Center - Toronto

Articulate Bodies
Toronto, Canada

Contact: Je-an Salas Leavens
Ph: (647) 519-0395


Je-an Salas Leavens, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Faculty

Je-an was a professional ballet dancer for 20 years, performing with The National Ballet of Canada where she attained the position of soloist. She practiced Pilates to reinforce her technique and finesse in ballet. Her studies with Ron Fletcher inspired her to complete the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program and became a PMA®CPT. Je-an is the Director of Articulate Bodies Inc. where she strives to provide unsurpassed quality of teaching and help others move better throughout their lives. As a Fletcher Faculty, her goal is to provide high caliber teacher education through the Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study.

Canada Educational Center - Edmonton

Core Movement Pilates Studio
Edmonton, Canada
Contact: Janine McNerney


Janine McNerney, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Faculty

Janine's passion for movement and teaching led her to pursue her BA in Dance from York University in 2005, as well as an MFA in Dance at the University of Arizona in 2007. After being introduced to Pilates during her time at the University of Arizona, Janine enrolled in the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program, becoming a Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher in 2009. Janine is the founder of Core Movement Pilates Studio in Stony Plain, Alberta. While leading her studio, Janine continues her love of dance through teaching and choreography. She is thrilled to be a Fletcher Facilitator.

Canada Educational Center - Vancouver

Union Pilates
Vancouver, Canada
Contact: Johanna Dalgleish


Johanna Dalgleish
Fletcher Faculty

Johanna first became passionate about Fletcher Pilates® during her professional Contemporary dance training at the School of Dance in Ottawa, Canada. Experiencing how it contributed to her strength and balance in and out of the dance studio, Johanna went on to complete her studies in the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program in 2009. She taught in Ottawa and then Victoria, British Columbia where she gained experience at a studio specializing in rehabilitation. Now based in Vancouver, Johanna has since been licensed in Advanced Fletcher Towelwork® and Fletcher Floorwork® and is British Columbia’s only Fletcher Facilitator. She continues to hone her skills in dance and Pilates, teaching and participating in workshops across Canada.

Japan Educational Center

Pilates Body Contrology Studio
Tokyo, Japan
Contact: Masayo Kawana
Ph: +81-3-3498-9377


Masayo Kawana, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Faculty

Masayo Kawana was introduced to the Pilates Method in 1997 to rehab from a knee injury. She first studied with Yoshiko Hashimoto and Dallen Hyndly in Tokyo. She continued her studies with Romana Kryzanowska in New York from 2000-2001.In Tokyo, she has taught at the Tokyo American Club, The Club on the Park and at Sacred Heart University. In 2004, she both opened her studio, Pilates Body Contrology Studio, and initiated her studies in the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program, which she completed in 2006.

Korea Educational Center

Contact:Hyun Ok ‘Micky’ Oh
Phone: +82 10 5233 5655


Hyun Ok ‘Micky’ Oh Fletcher Faculty

Hyun Ok ‘Micky’ Oh received her Bachelor’s degree in Dance from Hanyang University in Korea and her further studies include a Master’s degree in education from Ewha Womens University and a doctorate in Dance from Dongduk Womens Univeristy. She has taught modern dance at Sunwha Arts high school for 10 years while performing and working as a choreographer in a well-known modern dance company, ‘Tom’. She has also competed at international dance sports competitions and has been invited to judge at IDSF and WDSC. Micky started her pilates training in 1998 and found her passion for Fletcher Pilates® in 2008. She currently serves as an associate professor of Social Athletics in Dongguk University in Korea.

Mexico Educational Center

Hermosillo, Mexico
Contact: Alma Garcia
Ph: 52-662-217-1412


Alma Garcia, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Faculty

Alma began studying dance at a very young age at the University of Sonora youth program. She later joined the University's Dance Group. Alma majored in Business and was a ballet teacher at the University of Sonora. She started studying Pilates in 1999, became a Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher in 2004, and a Fletcher Facilitator in 2005. She is now Fletcher Faculty and introduced Fletcher Pilates® at the first national Pilates conference in Mexico.

Spain Educational Center
Iam Pilates Studio
Calle Obispo Segura Saez 15 Bj C
10001 Caceres Spain 
Ph: +34 667572356


Ana Fernandez Stimper, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Faculty

From a very young age, Ana Fernández Stimper was drawn to movement. She studied and taught classical and contemporary dance for more than 15 years. Ana’s professional dance career was truncated by a back injury which led her to a much deeper understanding of movement as the path to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. She initiated her Pilates studies in 2001 and holds several certificates and licenses from prestigious Pilates programs. It was her encounter with Ron Fletcher and Kyria Sabin in 2010 that led her to study Fletcher Pilates and to know with certainty that she would dedicate her career to teaching the Fletcher lineage of the Pilates method. In January, 2015, Ana was selected to be the Fletcher Faculty Director in Spain where she also owns the UnionTrees Studio. Ana is an outstanding teacher, with a depth of excepcional experience.

United Kingdom Educational Center

The Movement Studios
Berkhamsted, United Kingdom

Contact: Emma Bray
Ph: 07429 971212


Emma Bray, PMA®-CPT
Fletcher Faculty

Emma was introduced to Pilates by an Osteopath in the UK after a 2005 car accident, which left her in constant pain. After experiencing the benefits of the method, she was inspired to begin her journey as a Pilates Teacher. She initially trained with an Independent Pilates school in Santa Cruz, California, and furthered her studies in Gyrotonic® & Gyrokinesis® . She then completed the Polestar Pilates comprehensive program. A colleague introduced her to Fletcher Pilates®, leading Emma to study with Catherine Anderson in Half Moon Bay. Following her return to the UK in 2012, Emma opened her first studio in Berkhamsted and began her Comprehensive studies with Fletcher Pilates, UK. Emma graduated from the first UK Comprehensive in London in 2014 and is enjoying all the sports she loves with no back pain! She opened The Movement Studios with her business partner, and Fletcher Teacher in September 2014. Emma is looking forward to working with the UK and European Fletcher Faculty in educating the next wave of UK Fletcher Teachers. Emma is also serving the PMA UK Chapter as Vice Chair.





Michele Lee Byrd, PMA®-CPT 
Santa Barbara, California

Phone: (805) 689-8187

Michele was a practicing Doctor of Optometry for 21 years, but she found her true passion in Pilates and movement. She completed her first comprehensive teaching program in 2002 and the Fletcher Pilates Comprehensive Program in 2014. She has participated in outdoor sports all her life, but it wasn't until completing the Fletcher Program that she found the JOY in movement. It has been with the Fletcher work that she has seen the most transformation in her clients and in her own body. She is fascinated by the study of movement and is always looking to learn more about the art and science of teaching it. She is honored to be part of the Fletcher community as a Fletcher Pilates Teacher and to serve as Fletcher Adjunct Faculty.

Eve Salazar, PMA®-CPT
Los Angeles, California

Phone: (818) 427-2751

Eve started dancing and performing from a young age and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Huntington University in 2004. However, it was the physical change and challenge of childbirth shortly after completing her degree that led her down the Pilates path. Becoming a Pilates Teacher was the result of intense rehabilitation and a dedication to the more holistic and balanced Pilates lifestyle. Eve holds several Pilates teaching certificates but is most proud to be a Qualified Fletcher Teacher and a Fletcher Adjunct Faculty Member. Eve owns and operates Barrel & Spring Studio in Los Angeles.



Krista McCarthy, PMA®-CPT 
Delray Beach, Florida

Phone: (302) 420-7871

Krista began practicing pilates in 2003, following a back injury. After her 1st session Krista knew she wanted to share this method with others. She completed her first comprehensive teaching program in 2005, through Body Precision Pilates in Pennsylvania, and has taught Pilates continuously since then. Krista continued her Pilates education through the Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study, taking her personal and teaching practice to the next level. For Krista, the Fletcher approach provided the missing link and she continued her studies to become a Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher in 2009. Krista's commitment to continuing education has inspired her to take courses and workshops with several Master teachers, including Ron Fletcher, Kyria Sabin, Michael Podwal and Sherri Betz. Guided by the principles of awareness, breath and precision, Krista believes in upholding the integrity of the classical Pilates method, while implementing modern ideas of functional, free movement to address the specific needs of each student.

New York


Michelle Phillips, PMA®-CPT
New York, New York

Phone: (520) 661-7405

Michelle graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and went on to perform both nationally and internationally at the Spectrum Dance Theater, as dance captain for Royal Caribbean International, and with the Radio City Rockettes. She successfully completed the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program and is also a certified Gyrotonic instructor. She resides in New York City where she is currently the only Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher and Fletcher Facilitator in the city.



Jeanne Reilly, PMA®-CPT
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Phone: (610) 442-9999

Jeanne earned an MA in Psychology and spent 17 years in management, development, and coordination of training for business and non-profit sectors. A fitness advocate whose Achilles injury brought her to Pilates, Jeanne suffered pain and difficulty in moving that quickly responded to the Pilates work. As strength and endurance returned, she determined she would learn everything she could from the best teachers she could find, and become a Pilates teacher, herself. Having completed the Fletcher Pilates Comprehensive Program in January 2010, and the Fletcher Pilates Advanced Intensive Course in March 2014, Jeanne is recognized as a Fletcher Pilates Professional Teacher. Upon successful completion of the Pilates Method Alliance exam in 2012, Jeanne received the Certified Pilates Teacher designation. In addition, Jeanne completed a course of study in 2013, at the Yamuna flagship studio in New York City, qualifying her as a Certified Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner. Pursuant to her studies, she opened her studio, Meant To Move, in Bethlehem, PA. Early education, and her career in psychology and training, provides a strong base upon which Jeanne's love for learning and teaching Pilates rests. She's thriving on it, and is able to communicate her joy in mindful movement to her clients.



Anne Lloyd Willett, PMA®-CPT 
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Phone: (423) 635-3511

Anne brings to her work a rich mosaic of movement modalities. She has choreographed and danced, performed in musical theatre; and, has been teaching some form of movement (including dance, yoga, stretch therapy, relaxation meditation, Pilates) for over 25 years. Anne met Ron Fletcher in 2009 and felt a clear affinity with his work. She studied with Ron and other Fletcher teachers with great passion knowing immediately she wanted to teach this work. Anne has a masters degree in psychology, has worked as counselor and life coach, and has also worked in the world of corporate training and communications. She has lived in London, San Francisco, Key West, Portland OR, Boston, among other fun cities. She owns and operates her own Pilates studio-Connected, Pilates in Sync in Chattanooga, TN.



Nancie Rosales, PMA®-CPT
Dallas, Texas

Phone: (214) 828-0100

Nancie P. Rosales began dancing at the age of 4 and later earned a BFA with honors in Dance from the University of Montana. After moving to Seattle, she began a career in ballroom dance with the Fred Astaire Dance Studios. This resulted in a move to Dallas and she became certified in Bronze and Silver with F.A.D.S. After being a Pilates student for several years she embraced Fletcher Pilates® when she began studying with him in 2004. She manages Pilates Squared Studio in Dallas where she teaches ballroom dance and is a Fletcher Facilitator for the Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study.



Karla Relvas, PMA®-CPT
Niteroi, RJ, Brazil

Phone:  21 2704-3769

Karla is graduated in Biology, and began her  movement studies through Contemporary Dance. In the countersigned School and College Angel Vianna, in Rio de Janeiro, was trained as Dancer, Teacher of Contemporary Dance and Body Therapist through the Dance. Later she graduated in Therapy and Subjectivity of the Body. Post-graduated also in Biomechanics and expert in the Technique of Alexander, her formation of wide body approach adds quality to the work with Pilates. In 2001 she was enchanted by the Pilates Method, realizing her first formation by Polestar. In 2011 she joined the PMMP of Lolita San Miguel in Florida.PMA Certificated since 2013. Also in  2013 she was invited by Kyria Sabin to know the  Fletcher Pilates work, soon following the Comprehensive Program and seeing potential of refinement of the movement through this language. She worked  four years in the Ballet Company of the city of Niterói, as Pilates Teacher, introducing the Fletcher language. She directed the Karla Relvas Pilates Studio since 2001 and in 2017 inaugurates a Training Center, dedicated space to work on education in various body approaches. Karla is a Fletcher Faculty member and teacher educator Fletcher in Brazil.

Paula Nogueira
São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Phone: 55 1199 1525 956

Paula began her study of body movement through contemporary and modern ballet. She graduated with a degree in Physical Education and participated in Dance Physical Education groups. She also has a Physiotherapist degree, and is qualified in GDS – Chainès Musculaires et Articulaires. Paula was introduced to the Pilates Method in 2000 and with this method, has discovered an awareness of a more balanced body. This experience gave her the ability to move in a pain free way. Afterwards, she became a psychomotricist and a second generation Pilates teacher with Lolita San Miguel – PMM.

Paula began studying the Fletcher Pilates Method with Adriano Bittar in an Intensive course. It was love at first sight. She realized that Fletcher Pilates was exactly what she was looking for.

She became a Qualified Teacher in 2015 and an Adjunct Faculty Member in 2017. She has been working with individual and collective classes for more than 20 years in Bodytech fitness studio in São Paulo. Paula is grateful for the opportunity to teach this wonderful technique.

Silvia Guidi de Knappe
Munich, Germany

Phone: 498974564060

Silvia Guidi studied sport in Buenos Aires at the Instituto Superior de Educacion Fisica. She learnt classical and contemporary dance and the Graham technique in Buenos Aires. When she came to Munich she discovered a fondness for Pilates and has been teaching since 2000. She opened her studio "Pilates Plus", one of the first Pilates studios in Munich in 2001. Her first contact with Fletcher Pilates was in London where she participated in the first UK Intensive with Kyria Sabin. She loved it so much that she went on to graduate from the first UK Comprehensive in London in 2014. Since 2015 she has been teaching in her Pilates Plus Fletcher Personal Training Lounge and in 2016 she became Fletcher Faculty Adjunt.


Sarah Woodhouse, PMA®-CPT
London, United Kingdom

Phone: 03 9696 4995

Sarah has been teaching people for over 30 years. She began teaching people Pilates 17 years ago and discovered Ron Fletcher and his work in 2004. Her role as Adjunct Faculty for Fletcher Pilates® began in 2007 and since that time she has run successful programs in Hong Kong and across the Australian continent. Sarah is also an international presenter both on behalf of Fletcher Pilates® and independently. She recently moved to the UK where she hopes to support the work of the UK and European Faculty.


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