A Day with Diane

October 2020 /

Master Fletcher Pilates Teacher, Diane Severino, contributed her much sought-after “Day with Diane” workshop to our online course offerings. Diane was Ron’s demonstrator and studio manager for several years beginning in 1973. She explains, “A lot of the pieces that Ron developed were on me, in the moment.” Of the opportunity to record her signature workshop as part of the online platform she says, “I’m excited to keep the legacy going this way. It’s a blessing to me. I never would have thought this possible all those years ago when we began!” At age 75, Diane practices the advanced Pilates mat program six days a week and extols that she’s a walking testament that it can still be done at any age to maintain strength, flexibility, and mind/body awareness. Register Here

To date, Fletcher Pilates Online includes an unprecedented depth of remote offerings. Keep an eye out for regular additions, including the following specialty workshops to be released this fall:

•Focus on Feet
•The Breath Inspires
•Postural Assessment 101
•Artistry of Movement
•Fletcher Pilates for Youth