PSAP Approval

January 2018

For Immediate Release The Fletcher Pilates Program of Study Achieves PSAP Approval Status TUCSON, Arizona, (Jan. 3, 2018) – After completing…

Original Pilates Master – Annual Tucson Seminar

March 2009

Celebrated Pilates Master Ron Fletcher to Present Tucson Workshop March 21-22 at U of A’s Stevie Eller…

Fletcher Pilates earns formal trademark approval

October 2008

Fletcher Pilates® earns formal trademark approval The life work and teaching…

The Evolution of the Pilates Method

September 2005

The Fletcher Work™ is the authentic evolution of the Pilates’ method. To be accurate and legitimate, any journalistic inquiry into…

Press Kit

August 2005

August, 2005 Re: The Evolution of The Pilates Method: The Fletcher Work™ To Whom It May Concern, The Fletcher Work is the authentic…

Fletcher Pilates Achieves School Status

July 2005

For Immediate Release The Ron Fletcher Program of Study Achieves Arizona State School Status TUCSON, Ariz. – (July 11, 2005)—…


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