Teaching….a challenging transition

March 2011 /

I love talking to new teachers about that awkward moment when they had to get up in front of the class and actually lead a roomful of people through movement for the first time. Everyone has a different experience it seems, but one thing that holds true for all—it was an “out of body/mind” experience […]

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Original Pilates Master – Annual Tucson Seminar

March 2009 /

Celebrated Pilates Master Ron Fletcher to Present Tucson WorkshopMarch 21-22 at U of A’s Stevie Eller Dance Theater Tucson, AZ – For Pilates professionals around the world, a workshop or guest appearance by 88-year-old Master Teacher Ron Fletcher is big news. A headline-maker in his world travels to cities like London, Tokyo, Singapore and Madrid […]

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Letter from Ron

February 2007 /

THERE’VE BEEN SOME CHANGES within The Ron Fletcher Company® . Better for Kyria and Pat — better for me — and, in the long haul, better for our Teachers and Students. I see these changes as being especially beneficial for our Facilitators and Disseminators, and to promise more opportunities for the newcomers to The Ron […]

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