Letters from Clara Pilates

JANUARY 26, 1971

Dear Ron,

Several times I have tried to write to you, but it is no use. I cannot write anymore, if I do you cannot read it. Many thanks for your letters. I was very glad to hear from you. Yes, how difficult it is, no one knows better than I. It takes all your strength, willpower and courage to succeed in that business. That you will succeed I have no doubt, because you are the man for it. Just let me know from time to time how you are getting along, that will make me happy and I do hope you will come to New York soon again to talk everything over with me. So far I am all right and also trust that you are in the best of health. Please try to contact Mr. Cy Coleman in Los Angeles. His New York address is 12 East 39th. He was here for a longtime with us years ago. He recently came for visit.

All my best wishes for you Ron.
As ever,

MARCH 15, 1971

Ron dear Ron,

It will be difficult for you to read this. My eyes as you well know! I just wanted to have written it. Many thanks for your letter to which I have been waiting for. Finally you could set a date and with all the obstacles, an earthquake on top of it. It needed courage on your part to start up but Ron, you have proven to yourself you are the right man. Now go ahead, the way is clear. Joe and I will be spiritually with you. How he would love to be there. Unfortunately he went only much too early in spite of his age. March the 20th will also open another chapter in the book of your life and this I am sure will be the most important one. I strongly believe it was fate, not coincidence that brought you together with The Pilates- we planted the seed, it grew strong roots! You had faith in it and faith in yourself, now go ahead. The work must and will go on. It will not always be easy as you will meet a lot of apprehensions and ignorance but there is no doubt with your fighting spirit you will conquer. Joe always said opposition is the match that lights the fire. And he was a fighter-, as you well know it. You have many friends and the trust and confidence they have in you will always be a great inspiration. You said you are a strong believer so a Prayer in your faith and mine will be a great support and start everything right.


APRIL 26, 1971

My Dear Ron,

Just a short note today, and Marie will be kind enough to write it for me. I doubt very much if you could read my last letter, I know you have no time to figure out my writing. My eyes simply cannot focus on it.

Since the 20th of March I have been with you everyday. I know you will succeed- how difficult it is, no one knows this better than I. I just want to thank you for the folder. It is attractive, precise, and speaks directly.

Ron, I know your time is taken, but whenever possible write me a short note.

My love and best wishes are always with you,

AUGUST 8, 1971

Ron my dear,

Finally the article could be read to me. It sounds great. Written by a great writer- the name Pilates clearly mentioned. The title Body Conscience Society is wonderful. Sounds aristocratic! Reminds me of my Ancestors- All this is a great step ahead. More writers come, then, articles like this are well paid. The work will be hard and somewhat nerve wrecking. It needs courage and, Ron I know you have it. Sorry Ron, to stress your patience again with my writing but it is the only way to keep the personal touch.

God bless you,

FEBRUARY 8, 1972

Ron dear Ron,

Just a line to thank you for your letter, which assures me that every thing is all right with you. You are well, that is most important. The studio is going fine, that makes me happy, hard work and many hours, do I know that, Hugh? No one wants to work- same trouble here. My eyes trouble me badly as you can see from this letter, it is getting worse. Ron your letter made me very happy because it arrived on my 89th birthday. Friends made the day very pleasant had many flowers, gifts and cards. The corporation gave me a dinner party. So, I am marching in my 90th – a woman should not get that old and working but, I am feeling fine. Thanks to – Pilates System. Now take a day off to read the letter, I cannot.

Loving Greetings,


Ron dear Ron,

Wish I could write what is in my mind, but my eyes-

Am thinking so often of you, all my good wishes are with you. I know you are doing well, of course struggle and disappointment is part of daily life and must be coped with. Keep that wonderful spirit of yours up and your head high-

Should you come to N.Y. you know that you are most welcome.

Love, Clara