We offer an array of Specialty Courses taught by our talented and experienced Faculty. Each of these courses  include a lecture demonstration, followed by a movement experience to enhance your understanding. These courses include:

Teaching the Artistry of Movement: A Fletcher Pilates Perspective
Teaching Pilates requires creativity and the ability to teach beyond the exercises. This course begins by defining the elements of Artistry of Movement, such as dynamics, shape and level changes, and how these relate to the Pilates principles. Emphasis is placed on how to apply these elements to a Pilates program, enhancing teaching skills and elevating an exercise routine to a movement program. This course includes a lecture demonstration, followed by a movement experience to enhance your understanding and to renew your teaching spirit!

The Breath Inspires
This workshop provides an in-depth exploration of the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system, especially as it relates to the Pilates method. The latest scientific research on the benefits of several breathing techniques will be reviewed. Emphasis is also placed on the Fletcher Percussive Breath technique and its applications for full-body health, functional movement and vibrant living. Participants will learn how to practice and teach breath as the prime mover. This course includes a lecture demonstration, followed by a movement experience based on the breath.

Within the Core
Have you ever considered how your heart moves when you take a Pilates class? What about how performing The Hundred affects your digestive system? This workshop is designed to give you a general perspective of how a Pilates session affects your internal organs. By reviewing the human anatomy and physiology of our visceral organ systems, along with self-exploratory exercises based on the Fletcher Pilates repertoire, Within the Core will guide you through this curious and peculiar inner world. This experience will surely leave you full of “other spaces and places” to move from, for healthier and more knowledgeable movement throughout life. You will leave this workshop with insights to teach a more embodied Pilates class.

Focus on Feet Creating a Strong Foundation
Strong, flexible, articulate feet establish the foundation for optimal posture, allowing the body to move with more power, balance, stability and fluidity. In this workshop we will review the basic anatomy and inner architecture of the foot and develop an awareness of how our feet are connected to our posture, gait and all other movement. Participants will experience a series of exercises specifically designed to strengthen and align the feet as well as several movements, initiated by the feet, that reflect throughout the body.

Neuro-Movement: A Fletcher Pilates Perspective
Body Contrology engages the whole person both physically and mentally. The intricate partnership between our neurological system and our physical anatomy is what Joseph Pilates referred to as the “complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”. Based on five decades of exploring and evolving the Pilates method, Ron Fletcher developed specific teaching techniques and key insights to the brain body connection. In this course, we will look at foundational elements that help to create a more harmonious partnership between the mind and body. We will identify basic neurological principles at work and simple strategies to cope with bodies and minds that are out of sync. We will also look at foundational elements that help to create a more harmonious partnership between the mind and body.

Strength & Conditioning through Fletcher Pilates
The Pilates method was originally developed as a multifaceted full-body conditioning program. But as the method grew in popularity, first-generation teachers Ron Fletcher and Kathy Grant cautioned that the original method had become “over-feminized” and encouraged us to return to the method’s roots to ensure a balanced approach. This workshop focuses on bringing awareness to how we communicate and structure sessions for our clients who are seeking a strength and conditioning approach to the Pilates method. Utilizing a range of Pilates equipment, we will explore different ways to sequence exercises that promote and challenge strength, flexibility, mental focus, and endurance.

Genealogy of Movement Progressing from Simple to Complex
Identifying the genealogy of a movement involves breaking it down to its roots and tracing its evolution to its full desired expression. Connect to the rich, juicy details of Ron Fletcher’s approach to the Pilates fundamentals and learn how to safely and effectively teach complex movement patterns by approaching each movement as a series of building blocks. Bring this new skill to your teaching in one-on-one, group, therapeutic and athletic sessions. Jacqueline attributes this approach as the primary reason many of her clients have remained interested in and successful at learning a broad movement vocabulary.

Wise Hands: Hands-on Techniques for Pilates Teachers
There is an art to developing effective hands-on skills as a Pilates teacher. Tactile cuing requires a deep understanding of the human body, the purpose of each Pilates movement and of how to apply precise hands-on techniques, with each client, in both private session and group class settings. It also requires timing, sensitivity, confidence, and the ability to establish a safe teaching environment. This workshop is designed to establish a basic framework to learn specific hands-on skills and techniques as well as experiential applications of these skills.

Pregnancy: A Fletcher Pilates Perspective
This workshop is designed to provide basic information and simple tools for teachers interested in preparing women for motherhood and helping them fully recover postpartum. Addressing the changes that take place during each trimester, basic concepts and stabilization exercises will be presented to meet the needs of the increasingly unstable body of a pregnant woman. Through precise cuing and specific modifications, Pilates can provide the ideal physical conditioning program for pregnancy – and beyond!

Assessment 101
Teaching Pilates has been defined as a continuous process of assessment, teaching and reassessment. To conduct effective postural and movement assessments, it is necessary to develop the skill of “seeing the body” – refined through years of close observation and teaching experience. It is also necessary to have an objective and consistent postural and movement assessment protocol. In this workshop, we will review and practice a variety of postural and movement assessment tools and techniques, with an emphasis on staying within our scope of practice as Pilates teachers.

Fascia: A Fletcher Pilates Perspective
Learn how fascia is a continuum that infuses and connects all parts of the body, with respect to form, function and flow. When we move, we tap into this endless fascial connection as it divides, penetrates, supports and responds to all movement. In this course, you will not only learn in-depth about fascia and fascial health; you will also explore and discover your own body’s connections and movement potential through Ron Fletcher’s approach to Pilates. Be inspired by the world of fascia and movement!

Building Better Balance – A Fletcher Perspective
Balance is one of the essential principles of Pilates. Improving the body’s balance will help maintain muscle strength and flexibility, sensory input, postural control, mental attention and cognitive skills. Using the Fletcher Pilates organizational concepts of Standing & Centering, this workshop will help you develop a balance training model for teaching balance to any age or fitness level. This course will begin with a lecture and demonstration, followed by a movement experience designed to apply the discussed balance components to provide you with greater awareness and understanding of your balance


Pilates Teacher, Physical Therapist, Fitness professional


1 Day

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