Every Body is Beautiful by Ron Fletcher

In 1972 Ron Fletcher opened the very first Pilates studio on the West Coast in Los Angeles, The Ron Fletcher Studio for Body Contrology. He had studied directly under Joseph and Clara Pilates and set about spreading the work of Body Contrology outside of New York City, with Clara’s express permission. Ron’s original studio was located on Rodeo Drive and became the epicenter of Hollywood glamour, keeping the famous bodies of Tinseltown impressively fit. Ron and his studio soon became the toast of L.A. and he was often interviewed on television and profiled in national magazines.

In 1978, Fletcher published Every Body is Beautiful, featuring his celebrity friends, clients and his right-hand teacher Diane Severino. It showcased the original Pilates method, as well as Ron’s evolution which would later crystalize into the Fletcher Fundamentals™, Fletcher Floorwork® , Fletcher Barrework™ and Fletcher Towelwork® techniques. This book was the first of its kind and was at the forefront of the fitness as glamour trend.

Along with books by his contemporary first generation Pilates teachers Carolla Trier and Bruce King, Fletcher’s Every Body is Beautiful has gone on to become a classic in the Pilates world. Sadly, all of these books had gone out of print. Shortly after the original publication of Every Body is Beautiful in 1978, several of the plates and photos were lost in a fire and it could not be republished. Now, four decades later, technology has made it possible to make this classic available once more to anyone interested in the Pilates method and the history of Body Contrology.

This book and Fletcher’s legacy are not only an important part of Pilates history, but of Los Angeles culture, and helped to launch the worldwide fitness movement. Ron’s contribution to the survival of the Pilates Method beyond New York City, and its eventual spread globally, is unparalleled. Bringing this book back to life, to become part of every Pilates studio and teacher’s library has been our long-term dream. Ron’s unique voice and the genesis of his Pilates lineage are captured and preserved on these pages. Moving forward we would like share the unique place that Fletcher Pilates holds within the history of the Pilates Method.

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