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Fletcher Pilates Barrework

The Fletcher Barre™ program brings the Pilates Principles to standing movement. With equal attention to precision and flowing motion, the Fletcher Barre™ series begins with basic leg and foot technique and articulation — and progresses to an elegant (and accessible) movement program.

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Fletcher Pilates Floorwork

The Fletcher Floorwork® program stays true to the Pilates Movement Principles with a distinctive artistic flair. Through exploration of breath, space, dimension and articulate spinal movement, Fletcher Floorwork® challenges students of all levels.

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Fletcher Pilates Matwork

This video provides two Pilates Mat workouts in one! The Level I Matwork program covers the basic Pilates Mat exercises while featuring the signature Fletcher precision and percussive breathwork. The Level II program includes the intermediate Pilates Mat syllabus and, by incorporating the Fletcher transitions or “goesintas,” will lead you through a flowing, continuous workout.

Matwork Level 1
Matwork Level 2

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Fletcher Pilates Ped-i-Pul

The Fletcher Pilates Ped-i-Pul Program™ is the most extensive in existence, ranging from simple stabilization and range of motion exercises to challenging movement patterns. The Ped-i-Pul, originally designed by Joseph Pilates, was refined by Ron Fletcher to facilitate body placement and safety. This video provides a full range of Ped-i-Pul exercises including some of Ron Fletcher’s signature pieces.

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Fletcher Pilates Spine Corrector

Classic Spine Corrector exercises are given new life through Fletcher’s innovative attention to precision and detail. These videos provide an introductory Spine Corrector syllabus focused on technique, as well as an intermediate syllabus that includes Fletcher Pilates® Matwork and the signature Fletcher Towelwork® on the Spine Corrector.

Introductory Fletcher Pilates Spine Corrector
Fletcher Matwork on the Spine Corrector
Fletcher Towelwork on the Spine Corrector

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Fletcher Pilates Towelwork

Ron Fletcher originally developed his signature Fletcher Towelwork® syllabus as a means to teach basic shoulder-girdle stabilization. This highly focused, concentrated application has since evolved into a total body movement program. These videos provides an introduction to Fletcher Towelwork® technique as well as the intermediate Fletcher Towelwork® movement syllabus.

Introductory Fletcher Pilates Towelwork
Intermediate Fletcher Towelwork

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Pilates Masters Kathy Grant and Ron Fletcher

Pilates Masters Kathy Grant and Ron Fletcher share thoughts and memories of Joseph and Clara Pilates.

Go back in time – more than half a century! – to the days of “cold showers after every workout” when “that irascible old German,” Joseph Pilates, and his wife and partner Clara, were first developing their revolutionary fitness and conditioning method. Back to a simpler, more innocent time when two young dancers – Kathy Grant and Ron Fletcher – sought the Pilates’ therapeutic help for dance-related knee injuries and wound up becoming not only devoted long-term students but, ultimately, the most revered teachers of the Pilates method.

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Ron Fletcher Workshop with Diane Severino

This is one of our favorites! It was originally produced as a UCLA graduate student film project in the 1970s at the request of several of Ron Fletcher’s celebrity students. This DVD stresses the basic concepts of body alignment, foot placement, and percussive breathing, and is considered an “Oldie but Goodie.”

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Ron Sez

Pilates Master Ron Fletcher discusses his long and storied relationship with Joseph and Clara Pilates and his evolution of their work together – with Clara’s blessing.

In addition to his touching and deeply personal reminiscence of Joseph and Clara Pilates, this video includes the description of the origins and development of Fletcher’s Percussive Breath, Towelwork and Spine Corrector Programs.

And, for the first time ever, Ron Fletcher reads and shares with the world the historic letters from Clara Pilates, penned to him in the years following her husband’s death – and in the dim light of her failing eyesight – as she recognized and endorsed his role in the ongoing evolution of the Pilates method.

Ron Sez: Joseph and Clara Pilates
Ron Sez: Letters from Clara
Ron Sez: Pilates Matwork
Ron Sez: Fletcher Towelwork
Ron Sez: Pilates Spine Corrector

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