It takes courage to move
With the help of god and a toothpick!
At the ready!
Gather up the energy!
Get a hold of yourselves
The breath is the drumbeat
The AND beat is the only one that counts
AND one AND two AND three AND four….
Martha said, “Theere’s dancin’ and there’s dancin’ around.”
How did a boy from Dogtown, Missouri end up in NYC with Martha?
Martha was marvelous
Joe was a genius
“It’s for de body!” – Joe
“You got to out de air to in de air!” – Joe
“It has everything and it does everything.” – Joe about the Cadillac
Clara was the true teacher
“You got to know you’re A-B-C’s!” – Clara
“You go dere to go here to go dere to go here.” – Clara
“Dis reformer is your partner. You work with it, not at it.” – Clara
Let the breath inspire the movement!
I sometimes hear my reformer calling to me
No stingy breathers!
The urge to stand up is not matched by the ability to do so
And so to up!
Get up out of your hips
Such a nebbish
Such a sweet punim.
It looks and sounds like this
This pickacksis muscle is used for this piece…
Gather up your leather!
Hang on to your asses!
From the pee-pee up
We train animals…We teach people
You got to see something
Climb, don’t scramble up the tree! It doesn’t spell M-O-T-H-E-R!
Work the program
I’m sorry I had to do it, I’m not sorry I did it.
When my ass cheeks fall, I’m finished.
I had it when I needed it
Today’s the day they’re gonna find out I don’t know nothin!
Much wants more!
God didn’t bring you this far to drop you on your ass.
The devil made me do it.
Leap and the net will appear! – anonymous